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We advocate outstanding leadership, encourage professional excellence, cultivate aspiration, and promote your exposure.

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Salons cover a variety of hot topics in business trends, career challenges, and professional development. 


ITCI invites founders, executives, and senior management across varies industries to share their experiences and insights to inspire young talents.

ITCI (International Talents Career Insights) is committed to providing sustainable intellectual achievements and social resource support for the international career development and enhancement of leadership and competitiveness of talents worldwide. We collaborate with numerous senior scholars from academia and elite leaders from the business community, providing a platform for equal, diverse, and high-end exchanges for global talents. Through research topics, high-quality forums, themed salons, social parties, and other projects, we help members improve their overall competitiveness, expand their professional networks, discover business opportunities, and promote communication and cooperation. We cover multiple industries, including finance, international trade, internet, biotechnology, culture and media, real estate, medical, and education."


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